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Amanda Kraft
Lead Planner
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Amanda, along with summer interns and the various vendors the client chooses, strive to provide a stress-free event planning experience and event-day execution. To accomplish this we rely on years of specialized training and experience in the event production industry. 

Amas Veritas was started in 2007 when Amanda returned to Portland from three years in Las Vegas, Nevada where she worked as a Concierge in a four-star hotel and as a wedding coordinator at a local wedding chapel. Chapel of the Flowers is one of the oldest and most highly rated independent wedding chapels in the Las Vegas valley and the winner of numerous awards. Amanda’s position as a planner/coordinator allowed her to study all aspects of event planning from floral arranging, limo coordination, and photography to legal, cultural, and religious attributes of wedding celebrations. The Chapel’s relationship with Virgin Atlantic Airlines allowed Amanda to specialize in the unique needs of international couples and, of course, the special experience of Las Vegas style weddings big and small.

After returning from Las Vegas Amanda finished her Bachelors of Science degree at Portland State University adding minors in Art History and Business Administration then went on to study for a Masters of Public Administration with a focus on Non-Profit Management. Amanda also holds a Professional Certificate in Non-Profit Fundraising from The Hatfield School of Government’s Center for Public Service. 

Admittedly, event coordination is not a full time gig for Amanda. Her “day job” is in Commercial Real Estate where she and her team focus on the unique real estate needs of healthcare and non-profit organizations. Although Amas Veritas works on a variety of events throughout the year the bulk of our business is in the spring and summer when weddings, charity fundraisers and corporate pic-nics are most active. 

Many people question why someone with a full time job would freelance in a completely different industry and the answer is simply that Amanda loves to party and enjoys helping her clients create special memories. The “true love” of the business also allows Amanda to work for love rather than money and pass on the saving she creates with low overhead and the relationships she has developed with other industry professionals.